UK’s hottest weather: warmer, warmer thunderstorm in country until September | Weather report

BBC weather: Europe forecasts continuous heat waves

August began with a sad note as heavy rains and thunderstorms hit the UK this week. The Met Office has issued thundershowers in most parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and northern Wales. Temperatures in the Shetland Islands and Northern Ireland are expected to drop to around 14 C tomorrow.

However, Tyler Royce, a senior meteorologist and senior European forecaster of Oxweather, predicted a change in the wind in the second half of August.

He said the temperature could rise to 27 C after the onset of rains for the month and the hot air could last till September.

He told “Temperatures in the UK will be normal for the next 15 days, with around 22 ° C for most of the day in the Midlands, southern England and most of South Wales.

“In August, the average temperature in the UK is around 22 C.

UK hot weather forecast: High pressure likely to spread across the UK later this month (Image: WXCHARTS / GETTY)

“There is less energy for any heat above 27 degrees Celsius this month.

“When we go to September, the temperature will be normal at about 20 C.

“It may take a few days for the temperature to peak at 24 degrees Celsius.”

Now, NetWeather’s latest heat maps show hot winds blowing in the south-east of England in late August.

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UK hot weather forecast: Southeast warmer winds (Image: Netweather)

On Thursday, August 19, London, Kent and Essex all saw a maximum of 23C, while Doncaster, Birmingham and Bristol all saw a 22C.

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Further north, Leeds and Manchester could also be affected by 20C.

BBC Weather Long-Term Forecast Between Monday 16th August and Sunday 29th August, the extra warm air will last until the end of August.

The forecast reads: “High pressures could have a greater impact in the second half of the month, pushing the lows northward, allowing for warmer, drier and hotter summers.

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UK Weather Forecast: There will be hot winds until the end of the month

UK Weather Forecast: Warm winds will last until the end of the month (Image: WXCHARTS)

“As high pressures from the Mediterranean Sea slowly push north, the low-pressure systems that are trapped in the storm’s path and driven by the jet stream will also be diverted north.

“The dry weather is expected to spread from the south, and it will bring hot, high tropical winds to the UK.

“Temperatures are expected to be warmer than normal until the end of August, with warmer or warmer days possible if more pressure moves upwards for longer periods of time.

“If the peak continues above, a heat wave may also form, but optimism about it will be low. The heat is likely to increase later in the month, but more pressure will have to go to the right place for that to happen.”

UK's warmest weather forecast: Temperatures will be higher than normal by the end of August

UK’s hotest weather forecast: Temperatures will be higher than normal by the end of August (Image: WXCHARTS)

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The Met Office said hot weather was expected at the end of the month, though there was a risk of more storms due to humid winds.

The long-term forecast from Friday, August 20 to Friday, September 3 is as follows: “Although optimism is very low during this period, the continuation of changing conditions is very likely.

“Calm weather may develop, especially towards the north and northeast of the UK.

“Temperatures will be higher than average, with the possibility of warmer weather later in the month being lower than average.”

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