Ukraine: US reaction to Russian proposals is “positive” (Putin)

Moscow | Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday described Washington’s reaction to Moscow’s security proposals as “positive,” which in particular demanded that NATO and the United States stop their military support for Ukraine.

“At the moment we are witnessing a positive reaction, our American partners tell us that they are ready to start this discussion, these negotiations, from the beginning of the year in Geneva,” Putin said at a press conference. The future expansion of NATO was “unacceptable” for Russia.

Westerners accuse Moscow of aggressive tendencies against Kiev, as the Russian army has amassed tens of thousands of soldiers on the border with Ukraine, part of whose territory Russia has already annexed.

Moscow, which on the contrary claims that it wants to guarantee its security in the face of “provocations” by Kiev and the West, last week presented two treaties, one addressed to the United States and the other to NATO, summarizing its demands. Calm down.

These texts prohibit the expansion of NATO to include Ukraine in particular, and limit Western military cooperation in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, without imposing similar measures on Russia.

“The ball is in their court. They should answer us,” Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, stressing that representatives for the negotiations in Geneva at the beginning of 2022 had already been appointed. “I hope the situation will develop in this direction,” he added.

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