Ukraine is waging a battle against the oligarchy

There is no oligarchic rule in Ukraine. At least that’s what the parties involved intend to believe. Since President Volodymyr Zelensky passed a law on September 23 to curb their sprawling influence, everyone has denied belonging to this class of wealthy businessmen accused of shamelessly exploiting the country’s economy, corrupting the political system and using the media for their own gain.

This law makes them so fearful that even Rinat Akhmetov, the richest man in the former Soviet republic with an estimated worth of €7.3 billion, agreed to sever his legendary discretion to set things right. “I am an investor, not an oligarch »And supports Globalism An iron and steel magnate owns several television channels and is famous for controlling a large part of the parliament. “If necessary, I am ready to defend my name in Ukrainian and international courts,” Interested in identifying my book.

Less powerful and wealthy, millionaire Vasyl Khmelnitsky is also regularly described as an oligarch. This ex-MP, installed in the heart of the huge technological innovation park he is building in Kiev, equally denies this. “Anyway, in this country, every time you do something that someone doesn’t like, you get called into that. I don’t care,” swears. At the end of the interview, though, he worries: Will your article be neutral or somewhat negative? “

worried about their reputation

For these men, nothing is more important than their reputation, otherwise they will become undesirable in the eyes of financial markets and banks abroad. However, this law, unique in the post-Soviet space, is specifically intended to publicly classify them as oligarchs – a notorious name. They have until March 2022 to get rid of their ties to the political world and sell their media. Otherwise, their names would appear on a list prepared by the National Security and Defense Council, a body chaired by the president. In particular, they will be prevented from financing political parties and participating in the privatization of large corporations. The text also obliges officials to announce any contact with them.

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“The last names do not matter: Medvedchuk, Kolomoïsky, Poroshenko, Akhmetov, Pintchouk, Firtach or any other”, He announced, in April, the president, by listing the names of the country’s greatest oligarch. « What matters is whether you are ready to act legally and transparently, or if you want to continue creating monopolies, controlling the media and influencing MPs and officials. The first solution, we support it. The second is over. He then fired, Askari, the former actor, and was elected with 73% of the vote, on April 21, 2019, with his promise to fight corruption.

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