Ukraine – G7 Foreign Ministers Statement (04/12/2021)

We, the foreign ministers of Germany, Canada, the United States of America, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, and the High Representative of the European Union, are extremely concerned about the large movements of the Russian armed forces taking place on the borders. From Ukraine as well as in the Crimea, the region illegally annexed.

These large-scale movements of forces, which take place without prior notice, constitute a threat and a destabilizing factor. We call on Russia to end its provocations and immediately de-escalate tensions in accordance with its international obligations. In particular, we call on Russia to respect the principles and obligations of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe regarding the transparency of the military movements that it has joined, and to respond to the measures stipulated in Chapter Three of the Vienna Document.

Recalling our declaration of March 18th, we reaffirm our steadfast support for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. We agree to restraint in Ukraine.

We affirm our deep appreciation for the tireless efforts made by France and Germany within the framework of the Normandy formula to ensure the full implementation of the Minsk Agreements, which represent the only way to achieve a permanent political settlement of the conflict. We call on all parties to take a constructive approach in the Tripartite Contact Group on OSCE proposals to confirm and consolidate the ceasefire.

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