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The exhibition fight between YouTuber Jack Paul and UFC star Ben Askreen is approaching.

Paul continues his controversial journey to boxing after a shocking victory against former NBA player Nate Robinson last year.

Paul and Askreen are scheduled to meet in a boxing match in April

Following this victory, Paul and Askrin began their war of words, which developed into their determined battle.

The fight – and the bizarre undercard that preceded it – will take place at the incredibly 79,000-seat Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg will perform at night as part of a star-studded lineup.

Paul V. Askreen: Date and how to see

The exhibition event takes place on Saturday 17 April and will take place at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

With Paul v. Askreen scheduled for 5 p.m., England fans can expect the action to start just after midnight.

This is in the thriller of the American social networking site. Will be broadcast live at 49.99. FITE TV will broadcast it in the UK, priced at £ 17.

Paul vs. Ascreen: Undercard

The sub-map will feature unique fights including Joe Bornier, the owner of the British millionaire nightclub who will face Colombian regatta musician Raiko.

Meanwhile, former WBA welterweight champion Regis Progress and former UFC heavyweight star Frank Mir will also be in action.

Jack Paul v. Ben Asgren Regis Progress v. Evan Redcoach Steve Cunningham v. Frank Mir Joe Fornier v. Andres Felipe Robleto Londono

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Competitors clash at press conference Paul V. Askreen: What was said?

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Jack Paul: “I started boxing two years ago and I’m still going to hit his ass faster than Masvidale.

“These MMA guys think because they know how to punch the box.

“The world complained because I hit a basketball player, not a real fighter. So now I give people what they want by going against a” real fighter “.

“Once Ben Askreen is included in my Knockout Memes package, what can we say?”

“Askreen had 20 MMA fights with Robbie Laurel. He’s a tough guy. I think someone hit Masvidal’s knee. That knee that landed would have hit anyone.

“But these MMA guys think they can put the box down because they throw punches.

“That’s why I have confidence in my ability to destroy this guy.” They have no head movements, they are slow, they do not go to the gym every day, no box.

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