UK Winter Forecast: Heavy snow envelops UK as temperatures drop to -7C – New Maps | Weather report

UK Weather: The Meteorological Office predicts low temperatures

According to the latest WX charts, temperatures are expected to drop from the end of November to the beginning of December. At midnight on November 30, the temperature in London will be -2C at the end of the month.

However, Birmingham and the Midlands will experience freezing temperatures with temperatures dropping to -7C.

Based on the latest charts, people across the country are expected to experience freezing temperatures from Monday, November 22, with temperatures expected to rise to -0C across the country.

Across Scotland – from Edinburgh to Inverness – temperatures drop to 0 C.

Cold weather will continue in the UK as Newcastle and Cumbria see 0C.

Temperatures are expected to drop next week (Image: ./WX chart)

Temperature is expected to drop (Image: WX chart)

Although London, the Midlands and the Southeast will experience milder temperatures, they are unlikely to reach more than 4C in the capital.

Cold weather is expected to continue throughout November as winter officially approaches.

At 6pm on November 25th, Scotland will still be affected by the cold, with invertebrate temperatures dropping to -1C.

The Northeast UK also experiences temperatures of around 0C and -1C.

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The temperature will drop next week

Temperatures will drop next week (Image: WX chart)

As before, there will be mild temperatures in London and the south of the UK, with temperatures reaching 6C in the capital.

This moderate weather will not last long because of the freezing weather across the country.

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According to the latest WX maps, temperatures across the country will be covered by frost and snow.

Temperatures in London and the southeast are expected to be 0 ° C until midnight on November 29.

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UK Weather Records

UK Weather Records (Image: Express)

Above the country, Wales will see temperatures between -2C and -1C – in Newcastle and the Northeast is set to see weather drops to -1C and -4C.

As always, Scotland will experience severe frosts as temperatures drop significantly below -10C in the Highlands.

These freezing temperatures will continue until the last day of November, with temperatures below 0C across the country.

Inverness and Highlands temperature drops to -12C.

Winter weather in the UK will change next week

Winter weather in the UK will change next week (Image: WX charts)

Edinburgh is expected to drop to -5C, while Newcastle and the Northeast are expected to experience freezing temperatures of -4C to -6C.

In the south of the UK, temperatures will be lower than in other parts of the country, but will drop below 0C.

Those who want to retire from the Baltic climate should be disappointed, as frost temperatures will continue into December.

At 6 a.m. on November 30, temperatures in Scotland will drop to -12C, with Newcastle and the Northeast continuing to -5C.

The weather will be cold next week

Next week the weather will be cool (Image: WX chart)

Temperatures will drop to -4C and -2C in other parts of the country, including Cardiff, London and Birmingham.

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Fortunately, this great frost lasts only a few days, because the temperature rises slightly to 0, but not above 0C – in early December.

On the afternoon of December 2, temperatures in Scotland drop from -12 C to -5 ° C in Inverness.

Weather in Edinburgh and the Northeast UK will also rise to -2C.

Temperatures will drop in December

Temperatures drop in December (Image: WX chart)

Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, London and the southeastern part of the UK will also be cold, with temperatures ranging from -1C to -4C.

The Meteorological Office’s long-term forecast from November 24 to December 3 states: “The weather will generally be north – coming to the UK with cold and intermittent rains or showers.

“Winter rains will probably fall at high altitudes and sometimes fall to low levels.

“High pressure persists in the west and southwest of the country, allowing for stable conditions from time to time, with the possibility of some sunshine at times, but with a feeling of cold, overnight frosts.

“Nicer breeze there, when it was balmy like tonight, and it was foggy at night.”

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