UK welcomes 30 gays and Afghans

Today, Saturday, the British Foreign Office announced that the United Kingdom has received, for the first time, about 30 Afghans from the LGBT + community, who are threatened in their country by the return of the Taliban to power. “Under Taliban rule, LGBT people are among the most vulnerable groups in Afghanistan, and many face increasing levels of persecution, discrimination and aggression.”, the ministry said in a press release.

The group of 29 Afghans, including students and activists who have repeatedly advocated for LGBT rights, arrived in the UK on Friday to “start their new life”, details the ministry, which has worked with two rights advocacy groups – Britain’s Stonewall and Canada’s Rainbow Railway – to make the trip possible.

The UK evacuated more than 15,000 people through an airlift in Kabul in the two weeks following the Taliban’s return to power in mid-August, including about 8,600 Afghans eligible for the ARAP Resettlement and Assistance Program for Afghans who worked with the British.

Stonewall CEO Nancy Kelly congratulated “LGBT people are recognized as a priority group for resettlement”. “However, our work is not over yet”, she added, “We will continue to advocate for international support for LGBT Afghans, including those who remain in Afghanistan.”. “More vulnerable Afghan gays are expected to arrive in the UK in the coming months”British government said.

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