UK Weather – Wanda, a 500-mile-wide tropical storm, is expected to receive heavy rain and winds of up to 70 mph in the UK.

The tropical storm Wanda appears to be heading towards Britain and is accompanied by heavy rain and wind at 70 mph.

The 500-mile-wide meteorological system is currently raging across the Atlantic and is expected to hit the UK by Tuesday.

The British have been warned of heavy rains as Hurricane Wanda approaches the UKCredit: LNP
Winds of up to 70 mph are expected when the tropical storm is expected to hit TuesdayCredit: Alami

As Wanda continues to gain strength as it crosses the Portuguese coast, wet and windy weather is expected across the country.

It was reclassified as a tropical storm Two days ago the National Hurricane Center in the United States after training in the Atlantic Ocean last weekend.

Meteorologists have now warned Britain of uninterrupted rain and a hurricane with speeds of up to 70 mph as Wanda collides in the UK and Ireland early next week.

Meteorological Office forecaster Dan Harris said: “Tropical storm Wanda is not far from the UK – and could indirectly affect the forecast.”

According to the NHC, the storm will move south over the next two days, turning into additional tropics on Monday if it weakens before it hits the UK.

But Netweather and STV forecaster Joe Farrow warned: “If Wanda overtakes another Atlantic depression, his tropical energy will help bring humid and windy weather to the UK.”

Predictions are that the tropical storm will continue to intensify over the weekend, which will set the tone for the rest of the week.

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A meteorological office forecaster said, “It will definitely fall this weekend.

“Wet and very windy weather will come on Saturday, with wind on Sunday and change next week.

“It will be cold on Monday, followed by rain from the west. “

Temperatures in some parts of the UK have dropped to -3C due to the Arctic eruption, and mercury has plummeted.

Weather coming straight from the frozen north made many people awake on Thursday with snow and fog, while Kairnarms Walkers in Scotland were left ankle deep in the snow.

Aidan McGovern of the Meteorological Office has advised that if the British go to see the fireworks explode tomorrow night, they should warm up.

A cold month

He said today “looks like a bright day with lots of sun” – but “the temperature is below average and in this northeastern wind it will be clearly cooler”.

Weekend celebrations should be with “heavy and steady” rain, so remember to be prepared if you go.

Meteorologist John Hammond told the Mirror: “A drop in temperature of 10 C or higher can be shocking after recent hot weather like this.

“Breezy northwesterly winds will give a cool feeling, with snow on the northern mountains possible and at lower levels possible, night frosts may be even higher.

“The Atlantic tip is expected to bring rain from the west over the weekend.”

From 4/1 to 7/1, bookmakers have predicted that November will be the coldest month ever.

The fire also has a 2/1 shot that sees snow at night.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “This month’s weather forecast is likely to break records for all the wrong reasons.”

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Wet and windy weather is likely to last until next week
Wet and windy weather is likely to last until next weekCredit: Ben Lock

UK Weather: Extreme snowfall at night with temperatures below zero and cold winds blowing with Brits warned of warming

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