UK Weather – Temperatures in Scotland will drop to 0 C as UK still gets snow in three days

Temperatures are expected to drop to zero degrees as the UK moves into the icy ‘Arctic Fall’.

From today, it will be cold for ten days and snow is expected along the way.

The UK is expected to be cold for the first time todayCredit: Wesley Christopher / Triangle News
The meteorological office’s weather forecast shows that the temperature will drop to 0 C in some places on Monday evening.Credit: Meteorological Office

In Scotland, Loch Ronoch can be affected by freezing temperatures up to 0 C.

Elsewhere, mercury drops from 17 C to just 4 C.

BBC Weather’s Sarah Keith Lucas urged the British to ‘dig out’ their winter coats.

Today’s BBC forecast says: “This afternoon the northern areas will be very cold and windy with a combination of sun and rain.

“Further south, the weather will be mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain in some places.”

Today’s Meteorological Office forecast: “The south will be dry and partly cloudy. Further north, mostly light rainfall moves south, reaching the central areas at the end of the day.

“Following the north and northwest rains, it snows in the mountains. “

Descending temperatures are part of the shocking cooling caused by the 900-mile-wide Arctic slope.

“Icelandic winds” are expected to hit the UK next weekend, causing temperatures to drop across the country.

The BBC’s weather forecast for this month reads: “The last ten days of November will see a wave of cold Icelandic winds spreading across the UK and lasting until the first days of December.

“The most important drivers of this system are high pressure in the Atlantic and a crater in continental Europe.”

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Forecasters forecast snow in the north from Monday, while other forecasters are warning of snowfall in the south from Wednesday evening.

Low temperatures of -7C are expected as snow and ice begin to clear the country later next week.

Meteorological forecaster Marco Pedagna said: “I can not imagine a better weather model for those who like cold weather.

“The weekend will be very cold from the north. From Sunday, it will rain in the north, with some snowfall at high altitudes, sometimes reaching low levels.

“Also in the south there seems to be less rain, but there is little risk of frost on winter weather and cold nights.”

A MetDesk spokesman added: “If you do not like the cold, look no further. A major change was announced next week with Arctic winds, falling temperatures and snowfall for some. “

Frostbite across the UK
Frostbite across the UKCredit: Alami
Frost temperatures were observed in some areas
Frost temperatures were observed in some areasCredit: BNPS
It was very cold in England
It was very cold in EnglandCredit: WX Charts

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