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Meteorological Office: Weather forecast for boxing day

Charts and maps show that wind and rain will hit much of Britain as 2022 approaches, and that ‘turbulent’ conditions will continue into the coming week. However, new charts show that an Atlantic storm is forming over New Year’s Eve and flowing over northern Britain.

After a white Christmas for much of Scotland and much of the north of England, conditions are expected to split early in the last week of 2021, with colder climates in the north and warmer temperatures in the south.

However, according to WXCharts maps, by December 29, the western tip of the rain and wind will hit Britain.

Most of the UK is expected to be pre-weather, but Scotland’s west coast and northern England and Wales will be most affected, with 34mm of rain south of Port William.

Precipitation of up to 5 mm per hour will move east of the UK at 9am on Wednesday, spreading to northern Ireland and the Midlands and Wales.

Wednesday’s weather is expected to be clear in the UK at noon, but Scotland is expected to soak for the rest of December.

UK weather: Britain is expected to see a storm on New Year’s Day (Image: WXCHARTS)

UK Weather: Westerly winds of rain and wind hit Britain on December 29 (Image: WXCHARTS)

After a relatively quiet Thursday, Friday, December 31, pressure systems created a rainstorm in the Atlantic.

At 6am on New Year’s Day, the storm begins to move northeast, with up to 1 mm of rain falling in some parts of Northern Ireland and devastating Scotland, with 3 cm of snow in Inverness and Wiggle.

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On the afternoon of January 31, the storm hit the whole of Scotland, with 5 mm of rain falling over most parts of the country except Edinburgh.

However, the worst of the storm will pass through Scotland by 6pm, with snowfall in most parts of the country and low rainfall in Aberdeen until the end of 2021.

Conditions in other parts of the UK remain dry, with temperatures hovering around 8 C.

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UK Weather: Pressure Systems Make Hurricane Atlantic on New Year's Eve

UK Weather: Pressure Systems create a hurricane of rain across the Atlantic on New Year’s Eve (Image: WXCHARTS)

UK Weather: Up to 1 mm of rain per hour in Scotland

UK Weather: Up to 1 mm of rain in Scotland (Image: WXCHARTS)

Paul Michaelwhite of, however, said that “the best weather is coming” after the freezing Christmas.

He said: “Temperatures will vary from north to south, with the UK hitting 10-12c south of the UK while fighting low numbers from north to north.

“Low pressure will cross the country on Tuesday, so it will be another unstable and chaotic day, with rain or prolonged rain being possible anyway.

“However, they should rest in the afternoon. Then the theme continues throughout the week and as the New Year approaches.

“Until adolescence it will be mild with peak temperatures, but frequent showers or showers from the Atlantic.” ⁇

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UK Weather: Snowfall in the highlands of Scotland at 6 p.m.

UK Weather: Snowfall in the highlands of Scotland at 6:00 pm (Image: WXCHARTS)

The Meteorological Office said in its long-distance New Year’s forecast for January 9 that Atlantic weather systems will continue to bring “unstable weather” from the west.

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They said: “In the beginning, when it rained in the east, for some, everything would be fine with bright writing. More rain will come later in the west and southwest.

“As January approaches, there may be heavy rain or prolonged rain from the west, which may bring heavy rains to the mountains in the west.

“Dry conditions are mostly only in the southeast. During this period, the weather will be windy with possible coastal storms in the westerly direction.

“Temperatures may be moderate or very low. Possible brief stabilization may occur at the end of the period.”

UK Weather: Other parts of the UK are expected to be dry in the New Year

UK Weather: Other parts of the UK are expected to be dry in the New Year (Image: WXCHARTS)

The BBC’s long-term weather forecast also says the weather is “subject to change on the best days”.

They said: ‘High pressure on the Iberian Peninsula next week is in the course of an Atlantic storm affecting the UK. The trend will change early next week as a series of fronts move across the country.

“Later in the week, things are active as new lows hit the country. Tuesday and Thursday are guaranteed to be particularly wet for all parts of the country. There will be some breaks in the rain as unstable ridges move.

“Now those dry days are Monday and Friday. Temperatures will be 1 to 2 ° C above average, but in the middle of the week it will be 4 to 5 ° C higher than normal.

“Another rain team could go across the country on New Year’s Day, but for now it looks like it will mainly affect Scotland.”

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