UK Weather – 27C sun this weekend in the British summer

The hottest weekend temperature is expected to rise to 27C.

The British, who are ready to relax in moderate conditions after a disappointing five days of sunshine and hot temperatures are welcome.

Warmer weather is expected over the weekendCredit: Dave Nelson
Saturday’s temperature is expected to rise to 27CCredit: © Graham Hunt

From Thursday, the maximum temperature in the UK will be above 23C.

Temperatures will be as high as 25C in London and southeast on Thursdays and Fridays.

Temperatures are expected to rise to 27C on Saturdays.

According to the Meteorological Department, the north will have a drier and less humid climate.

Dry weather is expected across the country in the remaining months.

The company predicts that the end of August will be “a few periods of extreme heat” for the UK – which could bring thunderstorms.

Rising temperatures this weekend will be a welcome break for Britain, with temperatures expected to be below 20C in most parts of the country on Thursday.

Today it is raining with a sense of freshness in many areas.

One weather forecaster said: “The big picture shows this extreme heat wave in southern Europe.

“Record temperatures are possible in Spain and Portugal this weekend.

“Meanwhile, it is very changeable and new across the UK.

“The northwesterly winds continue this week and some wet ends bring occasional showers or rain, but stable conditions are possible later in the week.”

“Taste of Taste”

Meteorologists expect the British to experience late summer heat.

The warmest weather is coming from Spain, where temperatures will rise above 40C over the next few days as temperatures rise across Europe.

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Netweather echoed the forecasts with its long-term forecast, saying there was “a strong signal of above-average pressure during this period.”

After the tragic start of the month they called the heat wave the “taste of summer”.

Meteorologists said the high pressure would “cover most of the country,” looking at “quiet, dry and sunny seasons.”

The heat wave comes after several days of cold temperatures
The heat wave comes after several days of cold temperaturesCredit: © Graham Hunt
Britt began to enjoy the heat wave at the end of the summer
Britt began to enjoy the heat wave at the end of the summerCredit: Getty

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