UK to expel dogs and cats

On Wednesday, August 25, British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace announced that he would allow the evacuation of dozens of cats and dogs taken from the Kabul camp and all staff working there.

Although thousands of Afghans have tried to flee the country since the Taliban came to power on August 15, the United Kingdom has come as a bit of a surprise to the international community.

However, the initiative was not with the British authorities, but with Ben Farting, a former British soldier who wanted to expel 140 dogs and 60 cats now, as well as its Afghan staff and their relatives, after opening an animal shelter in the Afghan capital. The ex-soldier, for this, rented a plane in his own way.

Nonetheless, the issue has sparked a heated debate in the UK, with thousands of people who want to help those who understand this and the animals who want to escape by all means consider the company out of place in the face of Afghanistan. Still, for animal rights activists, the question doesn’t even have to be asked.

Although Ben Wallace initially said on Tuesday that he was “not going to prioritize animals over men, women and children for knocking on the door”, media activist Dominic Dyer did not demand such a move, more or less than the “resignation” of the Secretary of Defense.

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A successful slogan, finally, the political leader changed his mind on Wednesday, he himself mentioned on Twitter.

“If Ben Farting comes with his animals, we will look for a niche for his plane,” he confirmed on the social network.

In total, the United Kingdom expelled 10,200 people from Afghanistan a few days ago, against 1,500 against France.

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