UK to attract funding for nuclear power plants

In 2015, Britain signed an agreement to participate in China’s nuclear program. But concerns are now growing within the government about the involvement of Chinese companies in important infrastructure such as nuclear power plants. One wonders if other investors would like to participate in a project owned by China.

The financial change is aimed at encouraging a wider range of private investors and “reducing UK dependence on foreign developers”, but does not specify how. China’s role will be resolved.

Under the new agreement, according to the government, payers will share a portion of the construction cost of the project through fees in their invoice. The government said it would charge less than a pound a month during the long construction phase – and ultimately save at least £ 30 billion over the lifetime of the consumer plant because financial costs would be lower.

A similar financial deal was used to develop other UK projects, including a new terminal at Heathrow Airport.

Analysts say there will be a lot depending on how the terms governing these contracts are drafted and implemented.

Vincent Jabelski, a London-based consultant, works on nuclear issues at a law firm called Pillsbury.

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