UK staff shortage: 100,000 pigs threatened with slaughter –

Due to the health crisis associated with Brexit and Govt-19, pig farmers in the United Kingdom fear that these 100,000 animals will be consumed.

From Staff From neighboring countries

The National Pig Association The alarm sounded for a surplus of 100,000 Pigs It cannot be grown, cut in slaughterhouses, or taken away for ‘processing’, reports Btfmv. As a result, these farms may be destroyed, condemning contact with the site Inside “There are no immediate solutions to replace those who have these jobs”, Told the media Joe DavisGeneral Manager National Pig Association. He said it was the mental health of the farmers “On the razor wire”.

Many workers in this environment, mostly from countriesEastern Europe, Returned home following the establishment of health instructions, Govit-19. And their return is not apparent Brexit. “We depend on people who work for us in another country.”, Noted Joe Davis.

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Make it easy to get a visa

Growers’ associations are therefore urging the government to make it easier for these foreign workers to obtain visas. The National Pig Association Regretted that the government seems to think so “Just because we hire people from other countries means we have to pay them less, which is completely wrong.”.

Another big problem for breeders: bad weather. In fact, the harvest is bad because of the weather, which significantly increases the cost of feed for the animals.

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