UK: Shortage of European truck drivers



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The UK has a problem with the movement of goods due to Brexit, but not only. Covid-19 is exacerbating an already critical situation.

Covid-19 and Brexit do not do the work of the United Kingdom, which is facing great difficulties in delivering goods. This caused truck drivers to flee, who were becoming increasingly rare in the area. 70% of European truck drivers have left the UK.

The British government is not helping matters by refusing to issue visas to truck drivers, as David Zaccheo, Director of Alcaline UK LTD explains: “Truck drivers are not considered skilled workers so the government does not allow us to hire European workers.” A little clarification, some companies have suggested a 10% salary increase in five months to attract more truck drivers, and they’re up and running. More and more Britons are getting involved in this field.

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