UK: Rishi Sunak continues to lead the race for Downing Street

London | Former British finance minister Rishi Sunak still led the race to succeed Boris Johnson in Downing Street on Tuesday, with 118 votes cast in a new vote by Conservative Party MPs that sees a race for second place close.

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After the fourth round of voting, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Penny Mordaunt remained in second place with 92 votes, closely followed by Chief of Diplomacy Liz Truss (86 votes), according to announced results. Organizing the survey.

Former Minister of State for Equality Kimi Badenouch, who represents the party’s right-wing, was sacked after winning 59 votes.

This Conservative Party internal election follows the July 7 announcement of the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was forced to throw in the towel after a wave of departures within his government sparked by a series of scandals.

The fifth and final vote for Tory MPs should take place on Wednesday, to choose the final candidates between which the party’s 200,000 members will have to choose in a mail vote. The result will be announced on September 5th.

The competition is expected to be very open and a victory seems out of reach for Rishi Sunak, who appears to be less popular with the party base than the MPs.

According to a YouGov poll published on Tuesday, conducted among 725 members of the Conservative Party, the former finance minister will be largely defeated in the final regardless of his opponent (Liz Truss, Benny Mordaunt or Kimi Badenoch).

After two debates deemed unclear and unconvincing, Benny Mordaunt, who beat Rishi Sunak in a poll at the same institute last week, but would lose in the final to Liz Truss or even Kimi Badenoch, according to this study. Go out and publish it before eliminating the latter.

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