UK re-quarantine for passengers from Portugal

They don’t want to risk. On Thursday, the British authorities announced the return of the mandatory quarantine for travelers coming from Portugal. The measure, which provides for up to 10 days of quarantine, takes effect from Tuesday.

A difficult decision, given that Portugal is a popular destination for the British. Since May 17, Portugal has been among the few countries classified as green. So this shift raises incomprehension. “You came here for fun and all of a sudden it’s back in the orange menu. It was supposed to be green for a while, right?”This passenger is surprised.

The British government justifies this measure by almost doubling the positivity rate of Covid-19 in Portugal and the presence of a “Nepali type of boom” in the Indian delta.

As Portugal relies on tourists to revive activity in the main tourism sector of the country’s economy, London’s decision was not well received.

“We hope the British government will change its mind in the coming weeks and allow travelers to return to Portugal because we are ready.”, confirms Pedro Neto, General Manager of Vila Monte Farm House. “It’s a safe country. The number of cases here is very low. Everyone follows the rules and obviously we just want things to be normal.” _

“It is unjustified and it is irrational”, Processing Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet. “L_e Portugal has a similar infection rate to the UK and there are a lot of places in the UK that have much higher infection rates. However, they are tearing their bases to shreds.”_

The Portuguese Foreign Ministry also expressed on Twitter its lack of understanding. The UK reported more than 5,000 new cases on Thursday, the highest daily number since March.

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