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The UK music industry has indicated its support for COVID-19 vaccine passports. Image credit: Pien Muller

The UK music industry has expressed strong support for COVID-19 vaccine passports – albeit with some caveats.

UK Music has supported the idea of ​​passports for COVID-19 vaccine (along with other “ case approval procedures ”) in an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, opposition leader Keir Starmer and several other MPs. For reference, the 13-year-old said in January that “the combination of vaccines and rapid tests gives hope that we will be able to organize large-scale events by the middle of this year.”

After reaffirming that the live entertainment space should benefit from canceling closures and bans on large gatherings – “ongoing restrictions threaten further financial pressure on the sector” – the recently released letter from the UK music industry representative raises the possibility that a passport vaccine could Speed ​​up the schedule associated with the said cancellation

The text reads: “We strongly support the government’s ambition to return to unrestricted hearings at full capacity as soon as possible,” and we are aware that this can only be [sic] It was obtained by gathering evidence that it is safe to remove or reduce restrictions, including studying how Covid case certification can help reduce social distancing. “

However, the entity also stressed that fans must have other means (besides showing that they have received the COVID-19 vaccine) to enjoy the events, and that these safety measures should only remain in place, which is the most necessary time.

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“We understand that this approach will include either a proof of vaccination, a negative Covid test or an antibody test to allow getting somewhere. Obviously, this approach should not only be based on proof of vaccination, but also should be a temporary measure, used as long as it is Is necessary.

“We are also convinced that this approach should not be discriminatory, it should protect privacy and have clear exit criteria. If all this is true, we fully support the ongoing exploration of the possibility of returning life to normal as quickly as possible,” the letter states, Signed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, director of music at the London Symphony Orchestra, Simon Hochet, and more.

The UK music industry’s openness to accept evidence of negative COVID-19 tests and antibody tests (rather than calling on all ticket holders to prove they have been vaccinated against the virus) may have resulted from public opposition to vaccine passports.

Admittedly, nearly 350,000 residents of the United Kingdom signed the petition titled ‘Do not publish Covid-19 vaccine passports’, and a large number of people protested against closures and vaccination passports in London over the weekend.

Last month, Prime Minister Johnson said of the concept: “There are deep and complex issues that we need to explore, ethical questions about the government’s role in mandating … we cannot discriminate against. For people who can’t get a vaccine. But about three weeks ago. , An official government newspaper said that vaccination passports “are likely to become a feature of our lives” – sparking further controversy on the subject.

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In the United States, large, socially not distant live events are starting to revive in some states, with the Insomniac Kidnapping Music Festival in Orlando for about two weeks and the UFC 261 attracting an audience of about 15,000 in Jacksonville this weekend.

Elsewhere, however, the return of crowd-based entertainment is taking longer than expected, as Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella recently announced that EDC Las Vegas (originally scheduled for May) has been postponed to October. Provincial government officials.

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