UK lifts ban on hydraulic fracturing to extract shale gas

AA / London

On Thursday, the British government lifted the ban on hydraulic fracturing to extract shale gas, which has been in effect since 2019.

“In light of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, strengthening our energy security is a top priority,” Britain’s Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Jacob Rees-Mogg, said in a statement.

Jacob Rees-Mogg added: “As British Prime Minister Liz Truss has said, we must ensure that the UK becomes a net energy exporter by 2040.”

“To achieve this goal, we must explore all the avenues available to us through the production of solar energy, wind energy, oil and gas,” the foreign minister explained.

“Based on the above, lifting the ban on hydraulic fracturing to extract shale gas is a good decision, as part of efforts to tap all potential domestic gas sources,” Jacob Rees-Mogg emphasized.

In 2019, a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for shale gas extraction came into effect after a series of earthquakes.

After this lifting, it is expected that more than 100 new mining licenses will be granted, reports Anadolu Agency.

* Translated from Arabic by Mounir Bannour.

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