UK: Johnson Announces End of Confinement With Key “More Injuries, More Hospitalization Cases … More Deaths”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted, on Monday evening, that ending the partial national containment, in place since early January and implementing it quickly, will lead to more injuries and deaths.

He was speaking at a press conference in Downing Street after announcing to Parliament a “road map” for the “irreversible” lifting of “recent imprisonment” for the United Kingdom.

Johnson bluntly said: “Anytime we ease the lockdown, whether it’s today, six or nine months from now, we must be realistic and accept that we will deal with more injuries and more hospitalizations. And thus, unfortunately, more deaths, as is the case. With influenza every year ”.

Boris Johnson holds a press conference on Covid-19 with NHS Director General Sir Simon Stevens and Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty. While the total number of deaths recorded by Covid in the United Kingdom exceeded 100,000. 10 Downing Street. (Pippa Fowles / No.10 Downing Street)

Johnson is lying. He knows COVID-19 is much more deadly than influenza, as his government is already responsible for more than 126,000 deaths. Above all, however, he acknowledges that giving up on containment to the Road Map is an outright embrace of a criminal program of collective impunity.

The first step in relaxation involves reopening schools, public spaces, and outdoor activities. On March 8, all primary and secondary schools will reopen for England’s 10 million students. Scotland and Wales began gradually reopening schools on Monday.

On March 29, outdoor gatherings will be allowed for six people from different families – the now infamous “rule of six” – or two entire families, including in private gardens. Outdoor sports facilities will reopen, and sports for adults and children will resume.

Beginning April 12, non-essential retail businesses, hairdressers, public buildings, breweries, zoos, parks, swimming pools, gyms and self-catering holiday homes are set to reopen. In theory, the rules on social contacts that prevent two families from meeting indoors will still apply.

Effective May 17th, the “rule of six” will be replaced by the 30 cap for outdoor meetings. This will be applied in reception areas that have reopened such as small bars. Cinemas, hotels, theaters and sporting events will reopen through social distancing, and up to 10,000 spectators will be able to visit football stadiums.

From June 21, legal restrictions on social contact will be removed and recent economic sectors, such as nightclubs, will reopen.

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