UK in search of sweets for Elizabeth II’s Jubilee

The country’s amateur pastry chefs are invited to create brand new pudding to commemorate the seventy-year rule of sovereignty. The winner of the competition will be announced in March, and his work will be at the tables across the country at festivals organized for the event from June 2 to 5.

“This is a lifetime challenge for amateur pastry chefs”, Excited The Daily Telegraph. As of Monday, January 10, Britons aged eight and over are invited to create a dessert recipe. “Suitable for the Queen”. This platinum pudding will be served throughout the kingdom during street banquets on June 2-5 to mark the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth’s accession to the throne. II – The first in the history of the British monarchy. “A four-day weekend was announced on this occasion”, Conservative newspaper says.

“All kinds of desserts are accepted, Indicated The Times. The first selection made by chefs, famous food critic Mary Perry, historians and pastry chefs will take place on February 4th. The five finalists will have to create their work before the judges in March. At a supermarket in central London. “Be simple”, Mark Flanagan, chef at Buckingham Palace and a member of the jury, advises in columns in the capital’s daily newspaper. “Don’t try to add different textures, let the flavors sing.”

Culinary history is linked to the monarchy

Once “Shared with the Nation”, The recipe could soon enter the Pantheon of British gastronomy. “Many of the foods currently popular in the United Kingdom are associated with the monarchy”, Grief relief Viewer.

Victoria Sponge, variant of sponge cake, “Baptized in memory of the King” From XIXe Century, underlining the weekly magazine. Topped chicken, cold chicken pieces wrapped in a slightly spicy sauce, “Date of the coronation ceremony.Lizabeth II, In 1953 “.

But for sixty-nine years, no other sovereign food has enriched the cookbooks. The ‘Cook for the Queen’ initiative, launched in 2012 in British schools for the Diamond Jubilee, did not pay off. “ Note The Daily Telegraph.

Ten years later, the search for the ultimate royal dessert, “Whether it comes from an old family recipe, an adaptation of the classics, or the fruit of imagination”, Is thrown away.

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