UK govt deaths rise 15% a week, but vaccination milestone breaks as three-quarters of adults achieve double success

The UK’s COVID deaths have increased by 15% in a week, with 146 deaths reported in the last day.

The total number of people infected with the virus now stands at 6,117,540 after 23,510 infections were reported in the last 24 hours.

Data show that three-quarters of adults now have double successCredit: PA

Three-quarters of adults have received both doses of the Govt vaccine, officials said.

A total of 86,780,455 doses were administered in the UK, according to the Department of Health and Social Affairs.

According to DHSC statistics, 47,091,889 people received the first dose, 89%, and 39,688,566 received 75% of the two doses.

The NHS in the UK announced that 16,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 17 have already received their footage over the weekend.

After reviewing the latest data, vaccine experts who advised the government last week said the vaccine offer should be extended to those under 16 and 17 years of age.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed it as a “national record” for fully vaccinating 75% of UK adults.

“Our incredible vaccine release has now provided vital protection against the virus to three-quarters of adults in the UK,” he said.

The success of the vaccine

“This is a great national achievement, of which we should all be proud.

“It is very important that those who are not vaccinated come forward to book their job – to protect themselves, their loved ones and allow all of us to enjoy freedom.”

Health Secretary Sajid Javed added: Three out of four adults in the UK have received both doses of the vaccine.

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“Receiving two doses of the Covit-19 vaccine is the key to enjoying many new freedoms with full protection – whether you are traveling abroad with family or spending the evening with friends – we are constantly building our defense wall.

“Vaccines allow us to reconnect with the things we love, but more than that, they protect the people we love.

“If you are not already in a hurry please show up for your jab.”

Meanwhile, an expert has warned that the UK is facing a severe winter of fighting the coyote before the end of the epidemic next year.

Professor Linda Bald believes that sometimes we may need more controls, but there is hope for 2022.

He said Britain expects “Britain to emerge from an epidemic that poses an immediate health risk.”

But the public health scientist warned that winter could be “hard” and that a new variant could once again restrict our freedom.

When asked if there could be more obstacles in the fall and winter, he told the BBC breakfast: ‘None of us have the crystal ball (but) I hope it doesn’t happen.

“For example, I think we will see epidemics and outbreaks in local areas, and we may need a targeted and local approach.

“Looking at the coming months the UK and many more countries are saying, ‘We’m going to experience a harsh winter, but if we think about it next year, I think we’re really coming out.

“That’s what we all expect.”

He added: We may need vaccines and boosters in the future. “

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