UK: Deportation policy to Rwanda not working

British lawmakers said on Monday that London’s plan to deport migrants who arrived illegally in Rwanda was far from the deterrent effect needed to cross the English Channel, and demanded a review of asylum claims in France.

In a report released Monday, the House Home Affairs Committee said there was “no clear evidence” that the highly controversial policy prevents immigrants from the perilous crossing.

Hoping to tackle the ever-increasing small boat crossings, and make good on one of Britain’s Brexit promises by tackling illegal immigration, the Conservative government has struck a deal with Rwanda, but no deportations have yet taken place. the place. The first flight, which was scheduled to take place in June, was canceled following a decision by the European Court of Human Rights.

“The report concludes that the government’s efforts to find a single, low-cost solution to block this entry route are unrealistic and will not succeed,” the commission said in a statement.

MEPs in particular recommend negotiating with France the establishment of centers for examining asylum applications, for example through the creation of a pilot programme.

In its report, the commission acknowledges that “this is a contentious issue between the British and French governments,” and insists that assurances must be given that migrants whose applications have been rejected “will be detained and deported, so that they will not simply return to the French coasts.”

Crossings are constantly increasing

MP Diana Johnson (Labour) denounced: “We are looking for radical new policies that might make good headlines, but we are doing little to combat the influx of people willing to risk their lives to get to the UK by all means.” Chairman of the Committee.

MEPs point out that canal crossings in small boats continue to increase dramatically: 28,500 people arrived in the UK in 2021, and 14,000 have already arrived this year, so the total could reach 60,000 by the end of the year.

At least 166 people died or went missing trying to cross, including 27 in one day by the end of 2021.

An Interior Ministry spokesperson responded, defending the government’s plans to break the smugglers’ business model.

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