UK: Decision to deport migrants to Rwanda appealed to court

The British government’s controversial plan to return Rwandan asylum seekers to their countries of origin is the subject of a legal challenge in the Supreme Court.

British justice was examined on Monday The calls of immigrant rights groups such as Care4Calais and Detention Action as well as the Federation of Public and Commercial Services, Who represents the border officials who will have to implement the policy.

Prosecutors who believe the policy is illegal and immoral have brought a series of lawsuits that forced Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government to cancel its first scheduled deportation flight to Rwanda on June 14. The outgoing prime minister is set to step down Tuesday, but his successor, Liz Truss, the current secretary of state, has backed the policy aimed at deterring potential asylum seekers from crossing the canal illegally.

But opponents of the policy say it will not stop migrants from risking their lives at the canal’s dangerous crossings, adding that the government’s plans are based on the false assumption that Rwanda is a safe destination.

In April, the British government announced a deal with Rwanda under which people entering Britain illegally would be deported to the East African country, where they would be allowed to seek asylum.

The agreement states that people who enter Britain illegally will be deported to Rwanda where they will be allowed to seek asylum. And in return for hosting them, Rwanda will get millions of pounds (dollars) in development aid.

After the first repatriation flight was canceled, Home Minister Priti Patel said the government intended to continue its policy towards Rwanda and that flights were simply suspended pending a review of individual applications.

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