UK: ‘Completely eco-friendly’ ads increase purchase intent

Advertising campaigns with a “fully eco-responsible” message significantly increase purchase intent.

That’s according to a new research report from On Device Research, a brand measurement firm in partnership with targeted advertising platform Good-Loop.

According to the report, 71% of consumers surveyed showed strong positive emotional engagement with fully eco-friendly ads compared to 62% with partially eco-friendly ads.

Fully sustainable advertising is defined as campaigns that place sustainability at the heart of some or all creatives, and/or deliver specific sustainability messages. Partially eco-responsible campaigns are defined as campaigns that are “more general” in brand or product motivation and/or their sustainability message.

It analyzed the creative and targeting of 1,562 campaigns across digital, display and social media from January 2019 to February 2023. Environmentally friendly campaigns had positive effects on purchase intention, although they had neutral effects on ad recall and negative effects on first mentions compared to non-environmental campaigns.


However, the report notes that consumers are “more savvy than ever” when it comes to greenwashing, meaning any hint of credibility from brands when it comes to sustainable practices could pose a risk.

(by Jack BenjaminHead of Media UK)

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