UK commits to further recovery – September 15, 2022

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London is preparing to return to Ghana (in West Africa) a dozen gold objects from the Ashanti Kingdom (in present-day Republic of Ghana) and the Asante. Art Newspaper.

These items (jewellery, medallions, etc.) were part of a large collection of items stolen during the British expedition to Kumasi (the capital of the Ashanti Kingdom) in 1874. Similar ones can be found in the British Museum and the Wallace Collection.

For nearly forty years, the Ashanti Kingdom has been demanding the return of property stolen in the 19th century. Ever since London museum director Tristram Hunt met Otumfuo Nana Osi Tutu II, ruler of the Ashanti Kingdom, reports have been circulating that the V&A may soon grant his request. That was last winter.

If successful, this restructuring plan could take the form of long-term debt; Indeed, the National Heritage Act 1983 prohibits some museums, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, from disposing of their collections.

In recent months, the United Kingdom, especially its two countries, England and Scotland, have been increasing restructuring. In October 2021, the University of Cambridge (England) returned a bronze statue stolen in the late 19th century to Nigeria – the first UK institution to return an object looted from Africa during the colonial period. The University of Aberdeen (Scotland) returned a bronze statue of King Oba to Nigeria in December 2021. Glasgow Museum Resource Center and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (Scotland) received bronzes from Benin to Nigeria in April 2022. Recently, in August 2022, the Horniman Museum (England) announced the return of other bronzes from Benin to Nigeria.

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However, England still refuses to return the Parthenon’s metopes to Greece.

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