UK and thought crime. Britton was arrested for silently praying outside an abortion clinic

Anti-life and anti-abortion activist He was arrested for praying in November… quiet outside an abortion clinic in Birmingham, UK, allegedly breaching a buffer zone established by the local city council.

Isabelle Vaughan-Spruce was told by police that she would be taken into custody for breaching a public place protection order. Video of the arrest was recorded and published by AllThingsProLife Alliance for the Defense of FreedomIt organizes fundraising for Vaughan-Spruce’s legal defense.

Madame Vaughan-Sprouse did not protest. She didn’t carry a sign and didn’t talk to anyone. She remained completely calm until she was spoken to by officers who received complaints that she may have been silently praying in her head.

Although harassment is already illegal, the censor zone measure introduced by Birmingham authorities criminalizes individuals ” APPROVAL OR REJECTION OR INVOLVE ANY ATTEMPT TO APPROVE OR REJECT In relation to abortion, including ” Verbal or written instructions, prayer or advice…”

Isabel’s presence in an area covered by the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is not a crime; It is the content of his private thoughts that is forbidden. If Isabel had thought of a different topic in the same place, she would not have been arrested.

Isabelle is currently on bail and has been placed under restrictions by the police, including a ban on traveling to the PSPO area, saying it is necessary to prevent crime.

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Isabelle is the Director of March for Life UK and has been volunteering for many years supporting women in pregnancy crisis. She has tirelessly served her community by providing charitable assistance to vulnerable women and children, although she is treated no better than a violent criminal due to her personal thoughts.

When the officers asked him if he was part of the protest, he said “no”. They asked her if she was praying, to which she replied that she probably was. in my head”. Police searched her and patted her hair before handcuffing her and taking her to the station.

Mrs. Vaughan-Spruce was charged last week with four counts of failing to comply with a public place protection order. Antisocial Behavior”, in principle. The order will allow local authorities to “ Resist unreasonable and persistent behavior that affects the quality of life of its residents”It’s not yet clear which specific behaviors violate the law, as it generally includes public defecation, alcohol consumption, and aggressive solicitations for work.

Five city councils have already created such zones, some of which are carefully announced with signs indicating that freedom of expression is restricted on campus. In October, such a zone was announced around an abortion center in Bournemouth, UK. Photo of the panel, received, the region where multiple operations are restricted is outlined in red. Among these ” Prayer or advice As well as “While members are praying audibly, reciting scriptures, praying, sprinkling holy water on the floor or crossing themselves if they feel the person using the service passing by”.

An order titled PSPO, which Vaughan-Spruce allegedly broke, was imposed by Birmingham City Council on September 7, banning pro-abortion demonstrations outside the clinic. According to the video, Vaughan-Spruce was not carrying any signs or candles while standing alone in front of the building. Vaughan-Sprouse is due to appear at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on February 2, 2023.

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“The PSPO, which protects the area around the Robert Clinic, aims to ensure that people who visit or work there can access it without fear of conflict. Any local authority wishing to implement a PSPO must have strong evidence for its introduction, which guides the conditions and location – including concerns and complaints received from the community.” . A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said when the order was issued.

Also, in the United Kingdom, whose population has been changing at an exponential rate for decades, Especially in Birmingham Still a predominantly white city, politics and woke tyranny, in full swing. And thought crimes are institutionalized. creepy

to support Madam Vaughan-Sprouse is here

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