UK. Addicted to his “energy drink” cans, he ends up in intensive care

“I drank four 500ml energy drinks a day. I suffered from tremors and palpitations, which hampered my ability to focus on daily tasks and my studies at university. This addiction limited my ability to do daily chores or go to the park or walk. Even leisure activities like … “

640 mg of caffeine every day

In London, a 21-year-old student testified that his captivating energy drinks, the popular “energy drinks”, took him straight to the hospital. In the medical journal BMJ case report And Manchester Evening aired last week.

After consuming these two liters a day for two years, he became completely addicted to the caffeine inside (160 mg each or 640 mg in total), as recommended by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Strongly 400 mg. Day for an adult.

He began to have shortness of breath, lethargy and a lot of weight loss, so four months later he was hospitalized and placed in intensive care for 58 days with heart failure, which was “potentially related. Excessive consumption of energy drinks” developed “cardio-toxicity”.

A “traumatic” test

The doctors wondered if he needed an organ transplant because the patient was so unwell. Looking at his health, he certainly can’t finish his school year.

Describing the experiment as “shocking”, the Englishman said, “There should be more awareness of the effects of energy drinks and their contents. I think they are very addictive and very accessible to people. Young people.”

Since 2009 ANSES has been closely monitoring the side effects suspected of being associated with the absorption of these products, and Recommended not to take them with alcohol or during exercise, Because of the caffeine, “named for its amazing effects and its many unpleasant side effects: anxiety, tachycardia, sleep disorders …”.

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