UK: £1 billion for companies most affected by Omicron

The British government on Tuesday released £1 billion in aid to companies hardest hit by the consequences of the Omicron variant, after weeks of pressure from sector representatives.

With the increase in Covid-19 cases linked to the Omicron variant, “people are rightly showing that they are more careful in their daily lives, which is the feeling of our hotel and restaurant sector, and the leisure and cultural sector where they are usually the busiest” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement. general”.

In England, leisure, hotel and restaurant companies, which lament a 40-60% loss in sales compared to a normal December, will be able to benefit from compensation of up to £6,000 per location.

“More than £100 million will be made available to local authorities to intervene with other businesses,” the Treasury statement said.

The government will also pay for Covid-related sick leave costs for small and medium businesses across the country and an additional £30m will be made available through the Culture Recovery Fund.

Many restaurants and small commercial businesses, especially in business or transit areas, have seen their turnover decline with the government’s incentive to work from home to counter the massive spread of the variable.
Others suffered from consumer alertness, or an already severe shortage of workers before the arrival of the new alternative and exacerbated by cases of COVID-19 among their employees.

The United Kingdom, which is already one of the European countries most lost to the pandemic with more than 147,000 deaths, recorded more than 90,000 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, a record in a single day.

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