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UEFA abandons the rainbow circuit in Munich, citing neutrality. Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter called for Munich Square to be lit in rainbow colors in solidarity with Hungary’s LGBTQI+ community during the Euro 2020 match between Germany and Hungary on Wednesday (23 June), which was rejected by UEFA, citing neutrality. (Nicholas J. Cormayer, EURACTIV Germany)

European Union

European sanctions: Lukashenko brings Germany back to its Nazi past. On Tuesday, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko returned Germany to its Nazi past, after imposing new European sanctions on Belarus, which particularly harmed important sources of income in the country. Read more… (French media agency, France Press agency)


State Council suspends unemployment insurance reform. New rules for calculating the amount of unemployment benefits, which were due to enter into force on July 1, have been suspended due to “uncertainty about the economic situation,” according to the supreme legal body. The decision comes in response to the request of a number of unions that had used the State Council to challenge the reform of the unemployment insurance system. However, the judge did not question the principle of reform itself. (Magdalena Pistorius, EURACTIV France)

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Finance Minister stuck in controversy over missing documents President Alexander van der Bellen on Tuesday (June 22) asked the Constitutional Court to rule on Finance Minister Gernot Blommel’s failure to hand over several key documents to the investigative commission created as a result of the “Ibiza Gateway” political investigation. Corruption in the previous government. (Oliver Noyan, EURACTIV Germany)


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Five years after Brexit, the wounds are not yet healed. Five years after Britain’s shock decision to leave the European Union, the wounds inflicted by Brexit have yet to heal, and analysts say its profound changes are just beginning. (EURACTIV.com with AFP)

London will not allow a deadline to apply for permanent residence. EU citizens living in the UK have one week before the June 30 deadline to apply for permanent resident status, after officials confirmed the deadline would not be extended. Read more… (Benjamin Fox, EURACTIV.com)


The leader of the New Democratic Unionist Party wants to meet the British Prime Minister. New Democratic Unionist Party leader Jeffrey Donaldson says he wants to meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson quickly. (Paula Kenny, EURACTIV.com)


Tigray: The Finnish report draws heavy criticism in Ethiopia. A recent report by Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto to the European Parliament, describing the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray region as “out of control”, drew strong condemnation from Ethiopia. (Becca Fantinen, EURACTIV.com)


Swedish police investigate defective Covid-19 tests. Swedish police have raided several buildings of a private health organization in the Stockholm metropolitan area, while nearly 100,000 Swedes have reportedly received an incorrect Covid-19 test result, according to Swedish media. (Becca Fantinen, EURACTIV.com)


The European Commission gives the green light to the Italian recovery plan. The green light for the Italian stimulus package is official at Cinecittà studios, which means that Italy will soon receive its first payment of about 25 billion euros, with four weeks left to the European Union Council. Read more… (Valentina Iorio, EURACTIV Italy)


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The Spanish government pardons the Catalan separatist prisoners. The Spanish Socialist-led coalition government on Tuesday (June 22) agreed to a controversial amnesty for nine Catalan politicians jailed for participating in the 2017 illegal referendum on Catalonia’s independence. Read more… (EuroEFE)


Forced returns of migrants are a “de facto” part of Greek politics (Amnesty International). Amnesty International accuses Greece of perpetrating “torture, ill-treatment and illegal refoulement” of migrants to Turkey, saying in a report published on Wednesday that these practices have become the “de facto” Greek border control policy. Read more… (French media agency, France Press agency)


Polish minister accused of violating the rule of law. EU ministers questioned Poland’s European Affairs Minister Konrad Szymanski on Tuesday (22 June) over Article 7 actions of the EU treaty launched against Poland in 2017. Read more… (Martina Kombacha, EURACTIV Poland)


Prague has been criticized for the “inadequate” budget for the EU presidency. In an open letter, a group of Czech economists, businessmen, diplomats and experts called on the government to seize the opportunity arising from the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union that the country should take in the second half of 2022 and to extend the allocated budget. to her. (Anita Zakova, EURACTIV Czech Republic)


A clear cut in the recovery plan. On Monday (June 21), former Finance Minister and Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OĽaNO) said that Slovakia is expected to get about $1 billion less from the stimulus package than originally planned. (Marian Korich, EURACTIV Slovakia)

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