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cThe first joint venture between the two companies at a large water park, whose identity cannot be revealed at the moment, will be deployed within the next few weeks. Dozens of theme parks across North America and Europe will use this same technology over the coming months at theme parks, resorts, major events and festivals.

“With the kids, the four of us go to the amusement park together,” says UEAT spokesperson René-Pierre Blourd. “Children often want to eat at the same time as everyone else. It is noon. I have the stroller and the children, we are tired and there, we are not the only ones … and there is a queue to go to order at the snack bar. We have to find a table. There, My wife or I will wait at the table… Someone will look for food and come back to the nightclubs… All this is not optimal,” he recounts.

“What we are proposing, with UEAT and Connect & Go, is that consumers on the site can pick up their phones and access the menus of the various restaurants on site and place their orders in advance. Either I will look for it myself at the counter through a fast lane bypassing the queue. Or we come to deliver the meal to My table. And when we come to deliver it, no need to take out my wallet, we take my bracelet and scan it. It gets pushed. No more waiting in line and no need to take out the wallet.”


The account is created when customers arrive at the site and receive their bracelet, Mr. Bloord explains. After that, customers can choose the meal that interests them. They can even collect dishes from different restaurants in the same order. It will also be possible to pre-order meals and drinks to avoid waiting during break or rush hours and to have their orders delivered to the event location or theme park. Finally, customers will be able to prepay for their orders online using UEAT or using the Connect & Go bracelet.

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“It’s full of benefits for consumers. We start with our first project, but, of course, it can be exported to any resort in Canada or the United States,” concludes Mr. Bloord.

UEAT specializes in AI-powered systems designed for restaurants, ghost kitchens, and hotels. Connect & Go is known for its bracelets used during major events such as the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl, the Quebec City Summer Festival and Osheaga.

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