Ubisoft has chosen Bezier to build the first “immersive center” and provide visitors with a unique experience

Now it’s official: Ubisoft’s first “game garden” will take place inside Studios Occitanie Méditerranée, on the Bayssan Estate. This attraction promises to offer a unique experience. Opening: 2025, 2026. Target: minimum 300 thousand visitors per year.

Good news for the attractiveness and influence of the region. Ubisoft has chosen Occitanie to build its first “one-stop center”. It could have been New York, Orlando, Paris, London…but eventually in Beziers, the video game giant would build this unprecedented attraction.

This ‘game garden’ will be inside the Occitanie Méditerranée studios, A huge complex of tens of hectares dedicated to cinema and video games Which is supposed to see the light on the Baisan region by 2025, 2026. It was officially announced on Wednesday afternoon.

Unique experience

Ubisoft hasn’t gone into details yet, preferring to talk about the concept first. The attraction, which spans from 3 to 5,000 square metres, aims to provide visitors with a unique entertainment experience by immersing them in interactive worlds directly inspired by their video games.

In thirty years, Ubisoft has developed some of the world’s most famous franchises, such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Raving Rabbids and Rayman, the first episode of which was designed in its studio in Montpellier. a be very rich So the company now intends to operate in the real world, in Beziers for a start.

“The idea from this theme park is to answer this question: If Ubisoft was a place, what would it be? Ubisoft. For a visitor, it would be like stepping into a video game. As if he became one of the characters in the game, we are sure the importance of our concept. Especially And that the Covid crisis has shown that people need places to meet.”

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300,000 visitors annually

“Ubisoft’s official arrival is the real start of the project,” says Bruno Granga, entrepreneur behind Studios Occitanie Méditerranée. Video games have grown to be the largest form of entertainment in the world. It only makes sense that we are partnering with the leading French game publisher to create a new kind of experience.”

The design of the center is entrusted to Storyland Studios. The game mechanics will use the “Wander” technology developed by Alterface. Ubisoft expects to attract at least 300,000 visitors annually through Game Park. If this first immersive center succeeds in seducing the audience, then others around the world should appear.

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