UBI World Rankings | Two incubators from Montreal are among the top 10 incubators in the world

Of the more than 1,895 incubators and accelerators, 2 are installed in Montreal at top 10 The UBI Global University was unveiled this Tuesday.

École de technologie supérieure’s Centech and McGill University’s Dobson Entrepreneurship Center are at the forefront of university incubators. A third Canadian incubator, the University of Toronto Entrepreneurship, is also included in this top 10. UBI Global has also selected two university incubators from Turkey. The group is completed by Chile, Portugal, the Netherlands, Ecuador and Mexico.

The Dobson Center has gone one better by being included in the five largest incubators at UBI Global. Exact ranks are not disclosed. Surprisingly, none of the countries that are generally dominant in technology were found among the top 10 university incubators. Neither the United States, nor China, nor Germany in particular.

UBI Global did not provide an explanation for this Journalism At the time of this writing.

“It takes society to turn innovation into a thriving, informed business,” said Marie-José Lamothe, director of the Dobson Center, in a press release. It is estimated that this incubator has supported the launch of more than 400 startups, raised more than $2.2 billion in seed funding, operates in 36 countries and created more than 8,000 jobs.

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On the part of Centech, the results of the past five years are also estimated by 400 technology companies, which generated about 2.5 billion and created “thousands of jobs,” according to the press release.

“We are proud to see Centech rise in this ranking,” said Richard Chenier, General Manager of Centech. It is the result of extensive work over several years. »

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Centech foals include SPARK Microsystems, Sollum Technologies, Puzzle Medical, and Flare Systems.

For the tenth year, UBI Global, based in Stockholm, Sweden, has benchmarked the performance of hundreds of business incubators and accelerators in more than 90 countries. Of the 1,895 programs surveyed, 109 from 56 countries were closely analyzed and their performance was rated according to 21 criteria. In particular, we take into account the number of jobs created, mentoring hours offered, investments generated, and the survival rate and number of companies.

Incubators and accelerators have been divided into two categories, academic and private-public. organizations included in top 5 And top 10 It is listed in alphabetical order. A more accurate classification will be revealed in May 2023 during an official ceremony in Ghent, Belgium.

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