Uber customers can request an electric vehicle

Uber Vert is now available in Montreal and Quebec. (Photo: Ryan Remyours, Canadian Press)

As part of Earth Day, Uber launched a new service in the Quebec market that allows its customers to choose a driver to drive an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Uber Vert is now available for Montreal and Quebec regions.

It’s already available in 14 Canadian cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Waterloo and Ottawa.

The service is also present in 1,400 cities in North America.

Last September, Uber detailed its plans to tackle climate change in a public report.

This new option is one of the ways to achieve their goals.

Electric fleet

In particular, the company is committed to reducing all its emissions in major cities by 2030 and around the world by 2040.

This means that 100% of the fleet will be electric in just under 20 years.

“It’s also a request from customers who want more options for green travel,” says Jonathan Hamill, Uber’s Quebec Public Affairs Manager.

The company has also partnered with a retailer to offer its drivers a discount when purchasing an eco-vehicle.

Additionally, drivers who drive electric cars will earn an additional $ 1.50 per race, and those who drive hybrids will earn an additional $ 0.50 per race.

According to the report from September, Uber drivers in the United States drive an electric car five times more than the rest of the population.

An idea for a Teo taxi

Lecturer in Urban and Transportation Planning at the University of Montreal and UQAM Pierre Barrieau welcome the initiative.

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“The advantage of Uber Vert is that it gives citizens the option to make the transition to energy,” he says.

However, he remembers the idea is not new, citing the arrival of the taxi company Téo in Montreal with its 100% electric vehicles – the company has since sold out and then re-launched.

According to Mr Barrieau, Uber is trying to offset losses in modernizing its fleet of vehicles.

Nevertheless, the expert believes a new player in the environmental public transport sector is a good thing.

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