UBA Africa Talks: “Now is the time to unlock Africa’s growth potential,” said panelists

United Bank for Africa (UBA) plc marked Africa Day this year in celebration of African unity with the fifth edition of the annual UBA Africa Conversations, where all panelists agreed that the time had come for the rich possibilities of the African group. Unleashing the Continent, with a unanimous exchange of views on the potential opportunities that abound in Africa.

The UBA Africa Talks held at the Tony Elumelu Amphitheater at UBA House on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 saw participation from senior executives and business leaders including UBA Group Chairman Tony Elumelu, Group CEO, Oliver Alawuba, and other key players In Africa the economic, financial and commercial landscape.

Welcoming guests to the meeting, GMD’s Oliver El Aouba said that, as Africa’s Global Bank, UBA remains at the forefront of pioneering conversations that will drive positive change on the continent, while helping to unlock the vast opportunities waiting to be capitalized on in Africa.

He said, “This is a time when the beauty, talent, culture, diversity and warmth of Africa are celebrated. As a global bank for Africa, UBA is committed to helping Africa become the continent of the future. We take our African nation very seriously, because we believe Africa should be celebrated.”

In his keynote address, General Manager, Oliver El Oba, after welcoming the guests, said that as an African Bank, UBA remains at the forefront of discussions that will lead to positive changes on the continent, while helping to unlock the vast still untapped opportunities in Africa.

“Now is the time to celebrate the beauty, talent, culture, diversity and warmth of Africa. As a pan-African bank, UBA is committed to helping Africa become the continent of the future. We take pan-Africanism very seriously, because we believe Africa should be celebrated.

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The theme for this year’s Africa Day, Continental Innovation for Growth, is very relevant because of the challenges and opportunities Africa faces as a continent; But the fact remains that between these challenges and opportunities, there is a fine thread that the UBA Group can help open in order to achieve prosperity.”

This edition of UBA Africa Conversations was marked by the strong presence of active female personalities in various sectors. They are the Executive Director and General Manager of UBA Africa, Abiola Bawuah; entrepreneur, chef, and avant-garde Hilda Bachi; Celebrity Fashion Designer, Banky Lawson-Coco, and Business and Technology Director, Folosho Gbadamos. Transnational Corporation (Transcorp) Plc Chairman Owen Omojiafo was also among the panelists.

Abiola Buah, returning to how UBA is at the heart of innovation in Africa, cited the example of a strong female presence on its board, a body where there are more women than men.

“When we talk about innovation in Africa, we can bring it back to UBA. Right now, we have more women on our board than any other bank, thanks to the vision of CEO Tony Elumelu, who believes that women can lead and excel in organizations.” “It’s absolutely amazing, and I know other organizations are starting to emulate it. So, through this initiative, we’re causing positive change in Africa, and that’s very commendable.”

Mr. Buah encouraged the girls, saying, “The glass ceiling has been shattered and this is no longer an excuse. We must seize the opportunities and continue to move forward with determination.”

Owen Omojiafo, who emphasized the uniqueness of the continent, argued that there is no place like Africa. I talked about the need for innovation, because innovation is synonymous with survival. Regarding Africa’s potential, she asked, “Where else can you get the kind of profit you get in Africa. We have huge opportunities, deep cultural roots, hard working people and whatever it takes.”

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Hilda Baci, who is still receiving the Guinness World Records honor for her efforts after cooking more than 100 hours a few weeks ago, followed in Owen’s footsteps and stressed the importance of consistency, discipline and literacy in business, while advising young Africans to focus and focus. enable him to succeed in reading.

“As a young entrepreneur, you can read even if you don’t have the money to take a management course. If you want to survive in the business world, it’s important to arm yourself with information and learn something new every day, as this will help you get ahead, Especially in an ever-changing world.” Chef.

For her part, the fashion designer, Banky Coco, said that the whole world cherishes Africa for her fashion, and added that it is a sector that can be leveraged to our advantage.

“The world is really turning to Africa and we can use our costumes to continue telling African stories to the world,” she said.

During his speech, businessman and technology expert, Volosho Gbadamos, advised Africans, especially the youth, to take advantage of the vast resources offered by the Internet.

“There are many opportunities available on the internet, don’t be afraid of technology, things are changing so we need to arm ourselves with all the information we have at our fingertips. Innovation is about evolution, so we need to strive for positive change. I believe if we join our efforts to solve problems We’ll go away,” Gbadamos said.

Tony Elumelu, who thanked the participants who physically and virtually participated in the event, said that the UBA will continue to lead the narrative and discussions on Africa’s development, growth and unity.

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United Bank for Africa is one of the largest employers in the financial sector on the African continent, with 25,000 employees across the group and more than 35 million customers worldwide. Present in twenty African countries in addition to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France and the United Arab Emirates, UBA provides banking services to individuals, companies and institutions, and promotes financial inclusion and through the implementation of the latest technologies.

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