UAE Agent | Accused of undisclosed lobbying, ex-Trump adviser pleads not guilty

(New York) A former adviser to Donald Trump, who was indicted last week for trying to influence the former candidate-turned-president for the United Arab Emirates, pleaded not guilty Monday in court and was released on $250 million bail.

“It is clear that I am innocent of all charges and we will prove it in court,” Thomas Barrack said in a brief statement sent by his lawyers shortly after he left federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

During the hearing, the 74-year-old, who wore a black mask over his face, and a dark blue suit, remained silent and looked serious.

Obstruction of justice, false statements

Among the seven charges, issued on July 16, the former adviser to Donald Trump is on trial for acting on behalf of a foreign country without recording his lobbying activities, obstruction of justice, and false statements to authorities.

Tom Barrack was an “informal adviser” to the Republican candidate’s campaign between April and November 2016, before being named chairman of the organizing committee for 45NS President of the United States. As of January 2017, he had advised senior government officials on US policy in the Middle East.

According to Brooklyn prosecutors, between 2016 and 2018, Tom Barrack and two other defendants tried to influence the candidate for the benefit of the United Arab Emirates and then President Trump, as well as the image of this country. One of its allies is Saudi Arabia.

Tom Barrack is accused in particular of including pro-UAE statements in Donald Trump’s campaign speech in May 2016, then campaigning in March 2017 for a candidate the UAE called for the position of US ambassador. This country, with connections at the highest level with Abu Dhabi.

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$250 million deposit

In addition to the $250 million bond, Thomas Barrack will be subject to travel restrictions and requirements to wear an electronic bracelet. The next session is scheduled for September 2.

One of the accused, a 27-year-old man, has been set on bail of $5 million, while the other, a UAE national, is no longer on US soil.

Several of Donald Trump’s relatives have already been questioned about their activities on behalf of foreign governments.

Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager of Donald Trump in 2016, and his former adviser Roger Stone were notably implicated in the investigation of Russian interference in the US presidential election. The former president pardoned them at the end of his term.

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