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TheThe young amateur golfer from Victoriaville will participate in the 76th edition of the US Women’s Open on Thursday, on the fairways of the prestigious Olympic Club in San Francisco, California.

The US Open is the first of the five majors in the LPGA.

The 23-year-old made a major breakthrough in early May at Dedham Golf Club in Boston, where she qualified for the US Women’s Open with a cumulative score of -3 (65-72).

USGA qualification takes place across the country, in 22 rounds of 36 holes each. There are only about sixty places at stake for many golfers who score themselves.

Family Championship

A graduate of Barry University in Florida and a member of the Canadian national golf team, Noémie Paré recently arrived in California with her family, including her brother Jean-Michel, who will serve as her caddy during competition on the Lake Course.

“The family is all here with me. He brings security. My older brother will be my caddies; being a golfer, we make a really good team, and we do a really good setup together. I feel more comfortable, because I’m not alone,” she told La Tribune.

Noémie Paré has focused on preparations for the past four days. Preparing for the competition, and everything that surrounds it in a prestigious event such as the US Women’s Open, but also preparing for the LAC tournament.

“It definitely fits, it’s my first LPGA event so it’s a bit new. But I knew what to expect, I know girls who’ve been to the tournament before and they’ve told me a little bit about it. But I’ve never experienced it myself,” she said.

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“Otherwise, we quickly got caught up in preparing and not really liking something so-and-so, but rather what I want to accomplish this week, what is the preparation and what set of information do I need to be ready on Thursday when I start the tournament.”

Focus on preparing

“It’s a journey I’m discovering. It’s one of the most beautiful courses I’ve played on for sure! USGA events are the most popular events in golf in general. But preparations don’t change much, I’m used to participating in tournaments, on new grounds, on a regular basis. I had four Whole days are here to get to know the pitch: how the ball interacts with the greens, how the tall grass reacts, how I adapt to the teams in Florida, where I played recently. But basically, we used to do this preparation process. We keep the routine.”

Noémie Paré emphasized that The Lake Course promises golfers a great challenge.

“The tall grass is very tall, and the fairways are very narrow, so the key to making sparrows is to completely keep the tee shots in the driveway, or else your life will be complicated. The greens are very small, and there are a lot of sand traps protecting them. There are not many holes to get into the greenery. , it takes a distance (carry) to get to it straight, using a fairly high ball, because the greens are so small and tough.

After winning a ticket to the US Open Women’s Championship, Noemi Barry went to improve her preparations in Florida, in West Palm Beach.

“There was no point in going back to Canada after qualifying and having to quarantine for two weeks. It was a good preparation, because it was also windy in Florida, looks a bit like what you can experience here in California. It’s a little cooler, and there’s a lot of fog.” Again, this is nothing new. I spent two or three weeks preparing for the US Open and was able to focus on the shots I would have needed on that particular court.”

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“This is the most famous tournament I’ve been in for sure, but at the same time, I know how to prepare for a golf tournament!”

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