U.S. Embassy in Algiers: Assistant Responsible for Cultural Affairs Visits Feghait, Tizi Wizzo-Tamurt

Ms. Megan, Cultural Affairs at the US Embassy, ​​Algiers, Kabylie. jpg

Kabili (Tamurt) – Ms. Megan, Assistant Responsible for Cultural Affairs at the United States Embassy in Algiers, paid a visit to Fghait and Tizi Ouzou, two major regions of Kabylie. It seems that the official from the US Embassy was fascinated by the beauty of Kabylie and was touched by the warm welcome he received from its residents.

In Fgate, the Assistant in charge of Cultural Affairs at the US Embassy in Algiers visited the tourist sites of the Pic des Singes and Cap Carbon in particular. I also stopped at Place Gueydon, located in the heart of the old town of Bougie. She says that she and the team that accompanied her benefited from the “scenic view” offered by these three sites. In a video posted on the Facebook page of the US Embassy in Algiers, we see Ms. Megan in Guidoun Square singing with a Kabyle friend the legendary song of Idir “A vava innova”. After visiting Vgayet, the US embassy team headed to Tizi Ouzou, where they headed to the village of Ezra of the municipality of Tzirt.

The choice of this village is not accidental. In fact, it was crowned the “Cleanest Village” in Tizi Wetsu for 2021. “The women of the village were wearing their traditional dresses, and Megan also wore the traditional dress. Our team very much appreciates the warm welcome!”, we read in a message posted on the Facebook page of the US Embassy in Algeria Capital The photos of this visit were also published there.

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