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The i12 TWS looks like AirPods, uses the same Lightning plug for charging, and promises the same functionality for under $ 50. Too good to be true? Effective way. You will turn it over after a few hours or store it forever in the back of the tray.

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In the photos shown on well-known sites like Amazon or Best Buy, the i12 TWS looks like AirPods. Except that instead of selling for $ 219, they can be found at prices as low as $ 49.99, often at around $ 20 offsets.

Once opened, the box looks like AirPods, with the same distinct A-shape hang around Of golf that fits the ear well.

The i12 TWS recharges if, surprisingly, it plugs into the socket that’s most used in Apple products, Lightning. This is a novelty, the other simulation of the type we dealt with in January 2019 used a microUSB jack. It takes about an hour to fully charge the case.

The second surprise: When you want to connect it to the iPhone, by pressing the little white button on the case after taking out the headphones, the phone screen effectively takes it to the AirPods. So we paired them seamlessly with an iPhone, then an Android device.

And it is an English phoneme, even if half of the guide is written in Chinese, which assures us that the conjugation has been carried out.

Just like AirPods, there are various controls available by clicking on one or the other headphones. Suddenly we answer a call or pause the music. Two strokes to the right, we introduce the song, two strokes to the left, we move it back. You could theoretically increase or decrease the volume, or stop a phone call with other groups.

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We love less

Take the notebook, the list is long. The first obvious drawback, which you can feel with the first beep, is the terrible sound that comes out of these headphones. No bass, poorly defined mid and high frequencies, in short, “cacanne” is barely better than the $ 5 wired headphones found in some stores.

They are similar to AirPods, but you just have to take them in your hand and you will see that they are very light. The inexpensive plastic wrap clearly holds a lot of void and doesn’t feel strong at all.

Their independence is minimal. We went from 100% to 0% in 2 hours and 15 minutes, and the case recharged three times before draining itself.

The only thing that works well is tap to pause or resume the music. All other combinations react unexpectedly, it is clear that the weak listener has no sensitivity to knowing the difference between two or three strokes, or a prolonged touch.

Answering a call with these headphones is a big gamble. You have to do this three or four times, and after a minute you’ll have a sound that hurts your ears. The interviewer will get the impression that you are talking in a bottle because the quality of the microphone is poor.

We are not surprised that the OEM – if he is, our research is inconclusive on this topic – has yet to develop a mobile app. The manual, in its English part, is often incomprehensible, containing phrases such as “the left ear touches the right ear the position, the 1 key to answer the call, the left earphone clicks twice and the volume drops” …

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We buy?

No, never in 100 years! Even at $ 20 off, these headphones are horribly good, a botched attempt to woo AirPod fans hoping to save some money. And whoever gets to be with the bluetooth headphones won’t want them after a few minutes.

Follow up if an advertisement for these headphones appears on your phone or computer screen. They are given one point – out of five – because they are not completely dysfunctional.

TWS i12
Manufacturer: OEM
Price: Between $ 21.99 and $ 49.99
Rating: 1 out of 5

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