Two tennis players from here in NCAA Division 1

Tennis. Two young players trained in the Drummondville Tennis Association (ATD) Sports Studies Program will continue their athletic and academic development within the prestigious network of US universities.

17-year-old Catherine Isabelle Denisevich Salwick received a scholarship that covers all her sports and school fees at the University of Miami, an institution in Oxford, Ohio. The RedHawks women’s team plays in the English Premier League at the Mid-American Conference of the National College Athletics Association (NCAA).

Currently ranked 366 in the world among juniors in the ITF rankings, having reached 349th in January, and Catherine Isabelle Denisevic-Selwick will be conducting studies in Marketing from this August.

Jean-Christophe Barrell. (Image courtesy)

For his part, Jean-Christophe Barrell inherited a scholarship that covers most of his school and sports expenses at Bryant University in Rhode Island. The Bulldogs also play in Division 1, at the NCAA Northeast.

Jean-Christophe Barrell, ranked 1998 in the world for juniors according to the ITF, will begin his studies in international business. The 17-year-old will also head to the US in August.

In recent months, the two athletes in Drummondville debated with several first-division teams before their choice fell on University of Miami and Bryant. Their trainer at ATD, Sylvan Rust, made no secret of his pride in contributing to their success.

“Not only is the level of tennis at these two universities very high, but they are also academically prestigious schools. Also, this is the highest level reached by the athletes trained within our association who have attended our sport study program.

“I have no doubt that they will be very successful in their careers at the university level. It will be a great adventure that will allow them to continue their development in these major universities. Who knows: Maybe they will then try their luck in the professional arena?” Suggested Sylvain Rust.

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In conclusion, let’s remember that Drummondville’s Amelie Allard will be playing with the team at Queen’s University in Charlotte, North Carolina, starting in August. This is a second class program.

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