Two Summers, the most dubbed Flemish series in history, on RTL TVI

After a success in Flanders and then around the world on Netflix, this Belgian mini-series has made it to RTL.

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Broadcast 3 May at 8:30 pm on RTL TVI

Just over a year ago, you were selected for Séries Mania, one of the biggest festivals in the world – along with good peopleanother Belgian production that had just debuted on Arte -, Toy Zoomers validation of his international ticket. Confirmed step by step, since this thriller in six episodes would have become the most dubbed Flemish series in history, available on Netflix, i.e. in 190 countries for 222 million subscribers. BEST: From Germany to Italy, via South Africa, Argentina, Spain or the UK, 34 countries have seen her appear in the Top 10! The insane numbers, which VRT was the first to realize, were discovered by the two Flemings, both on TV (one in two people on average) and on the Internet. We understand that RTL, through the voice of Eusebio Larrea, Head of Entertainment and Co-Production, finds it “obvious” to propose her in turn. “And in the original version, on RTL play,” he told us.

This success, we owe first of all to the originality of the story, which takes us on a picnic between the summer of 1992 and 2022. On a private island in the south of France, eight friends meet at the weekend. But just before that, host Peter receives a videotape showing him – along with some of his friends in attendance – raping a girl thirty years ago. And a letter proving that the blackmailer is among them, which changes the taste of residence. What follows is a camera worthy of Agatha Christie, along with reflections on today’s world. Where, through human characters, therefore imperfect and likable (including Tijmen Govaerts, Hero 1985), just allow yourself the end. While appreciating the symbolic music Don’t forget anythingfrom Brill.

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