Two planes landed from Islamabad in Belgium

At least 400 people are expected to arrive home by the Belgian Ministry of Defense on Monday. Two planes landed at Millsbrook Airport this morning.

A civilian plane belonging to Air Belgium landed on the tarmac at Millsbruck Military Airport on Monday at 8:27 a.m. He was followed at about 10:00 a.m. by a military aircraft – an Airbus 330 MRTT. The two planes were carrying Belgians, and their families were taken out of Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

The plane brought back about 400 people as part ofOperation “Red Kite” At the initiative of the federal government. According to Foreign Affairs, the planes are supposed to arrive in Belgium on Monday morning.

The operation is part of an evacuation program that has been going on for several days. Other rotations are still planned in the coming days. Starting at four on Monday.

An Airbus 330 MRTT also arrived this morning, around 10:00 a.m., at Millsbrook Military Airport. The passengers were taken directly to the Beauty Barracks.
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How many Belgians were evacuated?

Once in Belgium, everything These people will be transferred to the Beauty BarracksWhere their identity will be checked, as well as their health condition. And these same barracks had received, on Saturday evening, 34 Belgians who had been evacuated from Afghanistan, and a Dutch plane brought them back to their country through Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam.

In total, these are now 263 Belgian And the beneficiaries who managed to leave Kabul in recent days. this number However do not take into account Citizens who were able to be in Tours operated by European partners from Belgium.

Foreign Affairs has not put together an inventory to determine the exact number of Belgians who have been evacuated.

pitting process

Several countries have sent planes in recent days to evacuate as many people as possible. The UK has repatriated more than 5,700 people from AfghanistanThe British government announced on Sunday evening.

This British operation, called Pitting, made the evacuation possible 5725 people from Kabul, Including more than 3100 AfghanisThe Ministry of Defense said in a statement, since its launch on August 13.

The British authorities, like other countries, say they want to redouble their efforts to Accelerate this process before the withdrawal of US forces. The deadline for US forces to leave Afghanistan has expired. By the end of this month.

However, US President Joe Biden said Sunday evening that he is in talks for a Possible extension of the presence of US forces in Kabul, Something the Taliban didn’t seem to like.

An initiative backed by the UK said on Monday it would demand that evacuations in Kabul be extended beyond the August 31 deadline, During a virtual summit of the Group of Seven on Tuesday dedicated to Afghanistan.

Taliban threats

In an interview with Britain’s Sky News, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen spoke of a “red line” that must not be crossed. The spokesman said, “President Biden announced that he will withdraw all military forces on August 31. If this date is exceeded, it means that he is extending the American occupation and this is not necessary.”

A Taliban spokesman described “economic migration” with images that showed Afghans clinging to planes in an attempt to flee the country.

Joe Biden is under pressure because evacuating Westerners in Kabul has proven much more difficult than expected. If the United States or the United Kingdom requests it extra delay To continue the evictions the answer will be no. or There will be consequences.”Sohail Shaheen’s friend.

Describes the Taliban spokesman “economic migration” A video clip shows Afghans clinging to planes in an attempt to flee the country. “I assure you that there is no need for concern or fear,” he added. The spokesperson also dismissed videos showing the Taliban threatening citizens from house to house or reports of girls’ schools closing as false news.

Airport shooting

Tensions between the various parties are not about to subside. US and German soldiers involved in a shootout with unknown persons at Kabul airport This Monday.

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