Two out of three students received their first dose of the Covid vaccine

eve Back to schoolMany high school students have already received their first dose of the vaccine
anti-Covid employment
Occitanie. This is the case for 66% of young people aged 12-17 years and 49.1% who were fully vaccinated. In Haute-Garonne, that number is a little higher because they will be 50.8% on Thursday to have two doses when they return to the college and high school benches.

A trend that should continue over the next few weeks, as sporting activity for the youngest requires a pass from September 30th. Although it is not mandatory in schools, it will differentiate the situation of students when a case of Covid-19 is detected in the classroom. Students who have been vaccinated, or who have already tested positive, will be able to continue going to class. Other unvaccinated contacts should be kept at home for a week.

vaccination campaign

To encourage those who have not been vaccinated to pass the course, this week the heads of the institutions sent an offer to parents of pupils over 11 years old to take part in the district’s vaccination campaign.

‚ÄúWith parental permission, institutions close to the vaccination center will be able to go there. For those far away, there will be dedicated mobile teams that will travel to middle and high schools in coordination with the county, regional health agency, and firefighters. We have noticed disparities in vaccination and what worries me the most is the education sector with Priority,‚ÄĚ notes Mustapha Fourar, president of the Toulouse Academy.

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To manage this re-entry process again under the sign of health crisis, 71 mediators will be deployed to the Academy institutions as 525,421 first and second class students are expected on Thursday and Friday.

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