Two in five people in the UK buy less food

Across the channel, food prices are rising significantly everywhere in Europe. As a result, two out of five people buy less food, according to a survey released on Friday 13 May by ONS, the equivalent of INSEE in the United Kingdom: a finding Defender Justin King, the former boss of Chainsbury, confirmed the idea in an interview with British media on Friday, May 13, saying “the golden age of cheap food is over.” According to the entrepreneur who now sits on the Marks & Spencer board, shoppers now have to trade when shopping for food.

Economists estimate that UK prices rose by an average of 9% in April. The Guardian explains that the Bank of England expects more than 10% this year to be unheard of since 1982. In April, a study found that rising prices affected pasta, a daily food item, by 45%, while tomatoes and eggs by 13% and milk cartons by 20%. In France, the increase is low. In early May, food research prices increased by an average of 3%, according to IRI, a specialized research firm. But like the United Kingdom, the increase is higher in some products, such as pasta (+ 15%), frozen meats (+ 11.34%), flour (+ 10.93%) or oils (+ 9.98%).

Channel-wide effect: Two in five adults, or 40% of British consumers, buy less food when they go shopping. That number has doubled since the start of 2022. “The proportion of low buyers is increasing. While some of them give up expensive sweets, others are at risk of suffering from hunger,” said Sarah Coles. An analyst was interviewed by the British media.

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