Two farmhouse fires within a few minutes

On Sunday, September 11, two farm fires broke out, the first in Bessems, the second in Malan in the province of Haut-Saone. Investigations are underway to understand the causes of the fire.

Twice, Sunday 11 September at the end of the evening, firefighters in Haut-Saône were called to set fires to agricultural storage sheds.

First in Bessems at 10:10 p.m., a fire engulfed 400 square meters of forage in a barn near Highway 12 toward Chumersen: “It is horrible what happened,” testifies the mayor of Bessems, Frederic Henning.

Then at 10:35 p.m. another fire broke out in an agricultural storage shed in Malan, less than 4 kilometers from Bessés, at Chemin des Grandes Vignes. Burning 500 m² of timber and fodder.

Two fires on the same night separated by a few minutes in the same area raise questions. “We wonder. There’s no electricity in this barn, and the hay dates back to last year so it can’t ignite on its own. Honestly, the facts are there” Pascal Morris, owner of the Malans barn, testifies.

A joint question with the mayor of Bessems, “This morning I spoke to the farmers, they are worried, and they tell themselves this will happen to them too,” Frederick Henning says:

Investigations are underway. An investigation was opened and the gendarmerie company Vesoul was entrusted.

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