Two cases of dengue fever, widely suspected of the tiger mosquito

Two people contracted dengue fever in the Hautes-Pyrenees county. The neighboring province of Gires remembers good gestures to combat the spread of the tiger mosquito.

After two Aboriginal dengue cases were detected, health services are on alert. The tiger mosquito appears to be suspect number 1. Dengue fever is actually an infectious disease transmitted by this type of insect.

If the disease is often asymptomatic, it can have serious complications for some. You can also be infected with different serotypes multiple times.

The usual form is manifested by a sudden fever, accompanied by pain and a rash. In rare cases, serious and sometimes fatal complications can occur, explains Public Health France on His website.

The Prefecture of Gires warns residents and recommends that they adopt or persevere in good gestures towards the tiger mosquito.

She recommends getting rid of standing water, emptying and capping containers containing water, checking that gutters are running smoothly, and changing the water for plants regularly.

These measures are important, because, as the province reminds us, deprived of water, the tiger mosquito does not reproduce.

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