Two artists for the new exhibition at Espace Gibert in Lézignan-Corbières

The new exhibition, which can be seen until October 8, combines several universes of drawings, paintings and ceramics.

At the same time, visual artist, explorer, narrator, and blessed Ilia Pagliarino creates bridges between art, science and history. From the transformation of biodiversity into the life paths of his contemporaries, his works reconstruct a global view of man and nature. : “ After a long period of confinement where our horizon remained limited and uncertain, I wanted to offer visitors a moment of escape to countries near, far or imaginary, as an invitation to travel The artist takes us on an imaginary journey, as we walk through the pages of Alice in Wonderland, whose game is to disentangle truth from falsehood. In addition to collages, Elia Pagliarino also practices ceramics and other works. It will echo the storytelling generated by the research to reveal the richness and diversity of cultures. Who paints the atmosphere of suspended time, pauses or waits, in which an ordinary subject is captured between the before and after.

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