Twitter builds fleets, and its ephemeral posts disappear

The company has started testing tweets that disappear after 24 hours March 2020 in Brazil. Fleets were introduced to assuage the fears of people interested in joining the social network, but who may be wary of the general and permanent nature of regular tweets.

Contrary to what we had hoped, we haven’t seen an increase in the number of new people joining the conversation with fleets.

Quote from:Twitter spokesperson

Starting at the end of the summer, the top section of the Twitter app, occupied by these temporary tweets, will be replaced by live spaces, voice chat rooms borrowed from the Clubhouse app.

The social network also intends to retain the editing options offered by fleets, such as text formatting and animated GIFs.


According to Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s head of consumer products, fleet clearance is part of the normal course of business.

These are risky and speculative bets, so by definition, a number of them don’t work, he said. If we don’t have to remove features sometimes, it will be a sign that we are not taking big enough risks.

Doomed to fail?

The fleets remind us of Instagram and Facebook stories, as well as Snapchat snaps, which allow internet users to post photos and SMS.

These features are increasingly popular among Internet users on social networks. However, people use Twitter differently – it is more than just a general conversation and a way to stay informed of what is going on.

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The word is called Fleets because it’s ephemeral, and it’s also a brand name for a laxative, which many netizens took note of on Twitter when the feature was first launched.

And Twitter wrote in a tweet announcing his decision We’re sorry…or you’re most welcome, while acknowledging users’ mixed reactions to the feature.

Fleets will disappear from Twitter on August 3.

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