TV5Monde streaming platform available Thursday in the US

TV5MONDEplus, TV5Monde’s free video-on-demand platform that launched in September in several places around the world, will be available on June 10 in the United States at five of the French-language channel’s major distributors, it announced Tuesday.

“Cable operators, Altice, Cox, LUS, Frontier and Hotwire, will be able to offer French-speaking and non-French-speaking subscribers a platform that has an interface in English and Spanish, as well as translation in those same languages.”

Equipped with French, Swiss, Belgian, Canadian and African programming, ranging from films, series and documentaries to entertainment, including magazines and web creations, the platform launched on September 9 worldwide with the exception of the United States. – Where he arrived. It was expected this year – in China and the Netherlands for contractual reasons.

It presents itself as a “French alternative” to US giants like Netflix, TV5Monde’s general manager Yves Pigot explained to AFP, citing the issue of “French-speaking planetary sovereignty”.

With this video-on-demand, the press release insisted that “TV5MONDE responds to new consumer uses” on “different devices: TVs, smartphones, computers, and tablets.”

“This new service, which prioritizes Louisiana, the land of the French-speaking world, through Cox and LUS distributors, will be extended in the coming months to all TV5MONDE operators in the United States,” he added.

Another actor should soon arrive in Uncle Sam’s country in a similar stature: In mid-March, France Channels announced the launch of its pre-summer US subscription streaming platform ($6,99 per month), “France Channel”, aimed at To promote French culture.

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