Turkey has been placed in the red Covid zone by the United Kingdom, which says it is ready to host the final between City and Chelsea.

Placed in the red zone due to Covid by the British government, Istanbul was unable to host the 100% Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea.

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100% English final, so in the UK? This is the prospect of the upcoming UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester City and Chelsea, which is scheduled to take place on May 29. The match was originally scheduled to take place in Istanbul and may not be played there. Subject matter of contention: Restrictions on travel to Turkey, imposed by the British government on Friday 7 May due to the health situation.

We have to put Turkey on the red list, and that will have implicationsTransportation Minister Grant Shaps told reporters, “This means, I am afraid, as far as the Champions League is concerned, the fans will not go to Turkey. “

In fact, from 12 May, access to England from Turkey will be banned except for Britons and residents of the United Kingdom. But even these people must be quarantined at the hotel upon arrival at their expense, at a cost of about 2000 euros per person.

I can tell you that the FA is in discussions with UEFA about this, and we are ready to host the final.

Grant Shaps, British Transport Secretary

So the UK is ready to host the Champions League final, which will face two of its teams. For his part, UEFA told AFP that “Need a little time to think. We just learned that Turkey has been put on the red list“.

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